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Buyer's Eyes


You are ready to sell your home. Great! Now let’s view this property as a product, not as your home. Use your “Buyer’s Eyes” to objectively view your home and find the ways to highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws.


As an organizer, my clients have found someone other than themselves may be better suited to see the home objectively. This is necessary to help you formulate an action plan to get your home whipped into shape by organizing and making changes to market your home as "move-in ready."


An un-cluttered and organized space ensures the “buyer’s eyes” will be able to respond to your home in a way that makes them imagine themselves living there. Clearing away anything that would interfere with the moment they feel as if it is their own ideal home.


Yes, emotions enter into this for the seller and buyer. Your objective on this side of the transaction (the seller) is to clear away all that will not promote the positives of this piece of Real Estate. Once you are on the other side of this type transaction (a buyer) you don’t want to have to visually edit the stuff because you want to see the architecture, the space, the limitations of a new home that will add to not take from what it would take to make it your own.


Here are some Guidelines for creating spaces that buyers can relate to personally, that speak to their emotions and make them want to stay.


 1.  First Impressions

 2.  Eliminating Clutter

 3.  Emphasizing the Positive

 4.  Downplay the Not-so-Positive

 5.  Lighting and Color

 6.  Home Buyers Appeal

 7.  Cleaning

 8.  Odor free

 9.  Repairs

10. Updates

11. The “Wow Element”


You are ready to get started. As you walk room by room; take notes of your first impressions. What grabs you and what glares at you? What will give the buyer that feeling of home?


This project is about marketing, staging and putting your best effort into a profitable and quick sell. Organizing and staging share many similar philosophies. The second guideline addresses Eliminating Clutter. The packing starts now! Pack away a good percentage of everything in the room in order to create a clean, open and spacious feel.


Emphasizing the Positive while Downplay the not-so-positive is our next step. Finding a beautiful focal points emphasize what you love about the room and hide or distract the negative aspects of the rooms.


Working on down the list, focusing on lighting and color to make each room into a bright, warm and inviting space that will delight the “Buyers Eyes”


Depersonalize the space while retaining the warmth and fun will enhance Home Buyers Appeal. In order for a buyer to “feel home” they need not be reminded of this being your home.


A clean house, odor free in good repair is the goal. Put on your “Buyers Magnifying Glasses”. Really look for the dirt, don’t judge yourself just see what needs to be done. Remember FIRST IMPRESSIONS.


Get the home sparkling clean, get it smelling fresh and be sure the buyer is not making a mental “repair list”. Get your handyman in to make the repairs that will help make your home perfect in the Buyers Eyes.


Updates with the current trends will help make this piece of real estate stand out if your budget will allow. You can be real creative with this part of the project.  In some cases, you may need to make some purchases to accent the positives and minimize the not-so-positive.


“Wow Elements”. You need “Wow Elements” in each room; it is a huge part of your marketing strategy. The visual effect and the feeling can make a hugh difference.


As an organizer, often my clients have me come in and “organize” their closets and drawers so they can have that FEELING they had when they were shopping. Marketing is about “order and display”. Think about how an orderly and creatively display draws you in through your “Buyer’s Eyes”. Think about how you feel. My clients want to have that same “WOW Elements” in their daily life so periodically I go in and organize closets, drawers, pantries, office, etc.


This strategy in marketing offers guidelines that address subtleties that will nudge the buyers to subconsciously desire to live in this home. Looking through “buyer’s eyes” is a helpful technique to transform your home into a space the buyer wants for their home.


Oh my! You feel this is not something you want to do. Okay, you are ready but you do not want to do it alone. Consider hiring a partner to coordinate this project. I am available to help you achieve your goals in staging your home to sell quickly and for more money. 

  Beth Richardson, Personal Organizer, Life Events Coordinator, and Notary

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