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Converting Prized Mementos into Art



The last several articles on Estate Liquidation were informative but so very dry. This week let’s talk about sparkling things and delightful memories shared with our relatives and friends.

Downsizing is a buzz word now but it is not new. My grandparents sorted through all their prized possessions as they prepared to move into a smaller home in 1973. I witnessed the process and made mental notes.

I was the first grandchild that lived close to my Grandparents. I was the first girl. I was adored by both Grandma and Grandpa and was given full run of the house and of her shop (she was a seamstress and upholsters).

Grandma created and sewed outfits for me and my Barbie. She volunteered a lot at the church and each summer they would have a Rummage Sale. I would go and buy all sorts of costumes, shoes, purses. I was allowed to wear my grandmother’s jewelry when I played dress up. I though this was the most wonderful privilege a girl could have.

What does this walk down memory lane have to do with the topic of converting prized mementos into art, you may ask? My grandmother was very creative and artistic and for weeks she took over the dining room table for her newest project. She was making a collage with her jewelry.

Grandma placed her mother's garnet choker in the center and carefully placed the matching ear rings on each side; her work of art began to take shape. Many of the pieces of jewelry were the items I had played with for years.  I had seen Grandma were almost every piece to church. The garnet broach belonged to my great grandmother. I love the collection of rhinestone pins that she carefully placed throughout the piece. We had many conversations about our memories and about our relatives. The project took weeks to complete. It was one of the best summers I spend at my grandparent’s house. I had grown up loving this house it was the only one I had ever known. It provided closure for my grandparents, my mom, and the rest of our close relatives.

This piece of Personal Art was our project, Grandma and Me. When we got to the new house we decided on which wall and hung the piece almost immediately. Grandma lived in her new home for about 12 years. As the estate was being liquidated I was the lucky one to get this Jeweled Picture and I am so grateful to have this work of art, this personal piece of history in my home.

As a personal organizer I am often busy helping my clients sort through items that they treasure. As part of the process we often brain storm on how to convert things into art. It is such fun. You could start thinking along these lines and convert your prized mementos into art.


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